Protein Sparing Modified Fast Calculator

I put together the previous formulas into one single webpage, the Protein Sparing Modified Fast Calculator. I’ve put my own current numbers into the calculator. Just hit the “Calculate” button to see my numbers. Feel free to try it out with your own numbers and see if it helps you figure out any of this. I don’t see the numbers you enter nor are they stored in any database. All of the calculations are done on your phone web browser or Internet browser (Firefox and Chrome works but Internet Explorer doesn’t).

If you find any errors, please let me know. I tried it with my own numbers and they make sense but I didn’t have a woman’s secret numbers to check.

Here’s a decent introduction to the Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF). I only take exception to one point which is the question of how long you can do a PSMF. They say you can’t do it for an extended period of time. If you continually re-calculate your numbers you should be able to fine tune for maintenance levels. This calculator makes that re-calculation relatively easy. Here’s the results I got for my numbers.

Your Scale and Metabolism Numbers

Current Weight: 199.8 lbs
Goal Weight: 171.3 lbs
Lbs from Goal Weight at start: 28.5 lbs
Body Fat at start: 25.4%, 50.8 lbs
Lean Body Mass (LBM): 149.0 lbs
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): 1818.0 cal/day
Initial Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE): 2500 cal/day
Initial Maximum Fat Loss on Protein Sparing Modified Fast: 0.45 lbs of body fat per day


Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF) Dietary Macros (per day)

It is very important on the PSMF that you eat at least the macros listed here. If you go below these numbers you risk lowering your metabolism and you actually can’t lose body fat any faster. Attempting to be just above the numbers is OK.

Protein: 119.2 g (476.8 cals)
Carbs: 20 g (80 cals)
Fat: 40.9 g (367.7 cals)
Your total Dietary Calories are 924.4 cals for maximum fat loss.

If you consume 216 g (1943 calories) of fat you will stay at your current weight.At your goal weight you will be able to consume 119.2 grams of Protein, 20 grams of Carbs, and 176.3 grams of Fat.


Can You Fast?

One important question to ask when considering extended fasting is whether or not you have sufficient body fat to fast.

You currently use 2500 cal/day. You have 1575 calories per day available from your body fat for maintenance. You have less calories available from body fat than your daily requirements and may not be able to fast. If you fast, your body may drop your base metabolism, energy expenditures or may consume protein stores. You will be -924 calories short per day

The thermic effect of food contributes somewhere from 5-20% of your current TDEE number so if you are fasting that can reduce your TDEE. Reducing your TDEE by 10% would result in you using 2250 calories per day. Calculating in a 10% Thermic Effect of food still leaves you in a caloric deficit during fasting. The Protein Sparing Modified fast solves this issue by providing the calories needed for the deficit.

How Much Muscle Can You Gain?

The Maximum Lean Body Mass that you can carry on your frame is 186.5 lbs at your goal of: 15.0% Body Fat. That would be a weight of 214.5 lbs.


Use this information at your own risk and with the advice of your medical professional. We are not doctors nor do we pretend to be one on the Internet. We do not take responsibility for errors in these calculations. We do not guarantee that these numbers will work for people at the extremes of the ranges. If you discover an error in calculation, please let us know through email: keto at land-boards dot com.

Body Recomposition – Part 3

What Will I Track?

When I started keto I tracked everything. That lasted about a week and then I slipped into a pattern of eating.

Currently, I track nothing formally. I do keep carbs below 20 grams (by approximation). After years of having an Insulin pump I got pretty good at estimating my number of grams of carbs. I check myself periodically with new foods to see how close my guess was and I am usually right on.

But to do this experiment right I will track the following

  • All meals I eat
    • Grams of Carbs
    • Grams of Protein
    • Grams of Fat
    • Do the math for percentage of each over a day
    • Do the math for total calories per day
  • Scale numbers
    • Weight
    • BMI
    • Body Fat Percentage
    • Base Calories to maintain current weight
  • Workout times (assuming effort is to exhaustion due to CrossFit)


Tapped Out at 25 Days

I made it 25 days on my Water Only Fast. Ended yesterday. I miss fasting already. Felt better while fasting than I do on food. Ended with Chia Seeds and a pickle. The Chia Seeds act like a slowly moving cork through the system which is good after a long fast.

Thinking about doing Chia Seeds once a day on my next fast. Won’t technically be a water fast, but I like the idea of keeping some fiber moving through my system. I am just a few lbs over my goal weight so I am not in all that much of a hurry.

Weight loss was 24 lbs. Should hang onto a lot of it since I really kept up on salt.

Can’t wait to do my next Extended Fast. Maybe after the Keto meetup this weekend.

Tomorrow is my third intro class to CrossFit then I can join the regular people in torturing myself. I know that this will be much harder than Keto and Intermittent Fasting. And I will definitely keep up the Intermittent Fasting and Keto. Never going to give up the gains I have made with Keto + IF.

Longest Fast Yet

I am currently on an Extended Fast (EF). An EF is where you only drink non-caloric drinks (coffee, water). I am on day 17 of the EF. This time I am doing it without any coconut oil in my coffee. I was using coconut oil (not a large amount, just a bit) in my coffee but I wanted to see if there was any difference without it. There wasn’t.

I am doing this as an Open Ended Fast with no end date in particular. I am attracted to the story of Angus Barbieri. He lost 382 lbs on an EF and holds the Guiness Book of Records for longest medically supervised fast. I started a Facebook page called the Angus Barbieri Fan Group where you can read is story and find links to the scientific journal which published the account of his fast.

I was honored to be able to speak to a friend of Angus recently. He was a boyhood friend of Angus and knew him at the time of his extended fast. He spoke very highly of Angus’ character and positive attitude. I asked him if Angus ever complained while he was on the long fast and his friend told me that he was the sort of chap who didn’t complain. He was basically a happy man.

How did he do it?

Angus had a whole lot of extra body fat. While you are fasting you basically consume your own body fat and that is what Angus did. He was able to eat [himself] quite well during that extended fast. He lost an average of .75 lbs a day which makes sense. He would have lost a lot more when he was over 400 lbs than when he was near his final weight of 180 lbs. Angus stayed near his end weight and didn’t get over 195 for the rest of his life.

Can Someone Else do it?

Well, unless you weigh 450 lbs or more at the start of your fast, there’s no way you can do that long without really hurting yourself or dying. There is a limit to the end of the body’s stores of fat. Angus, at 185, would have been at the high end of normal weight so he was still not in the danger zone of tearing into his body protein. That’s somewhere less than 10% body fat.

But, yes, I believe anyone who has sufficient body weight should be able to duplicate Angus’ feat of fasting until they reach their goal weight. I have lost 16 lbs in the last 16 days but some of those lbs are an illusion. I have been eating a lot of salt to reduce the water loss because that will all return after the fast ends. It doesn’t matter how much you lose during a fast. It matters how much you keep off.

I have eliminated all but my Blood Pressure meds from my life but when I am fasting I don’t take the BP meds. My doctor advised against that but if I take them I get lightheaded when standing. Keeping up the salt also helps to not get lightheaded. I see so many people who stop EF that will list their symptoms and they are all related to hydration. They probably could have gone on.

We’ll see what comes of this.


What my Doctor Said

I got off Insulin a year ago so I haven’t needed to go to my MD in two years. I decided for the one year anniversary of starting ketogenic eating to go to my doctor and get my blood tests. So I anxiously checked my email for the results of my blood tests.

The number I was most interested in was the HbA1C number. That’s the measurement of the average blood sugar level of the past three months. The test showed my HbA1C to be 5.8. That is at the bottom of the Pre-Diabetic range. 5.6 or less is considered to be non-diabetic. The value of 5.8 is an average Blood Glucose value of 120. That matches pretty well what my meter shows.

The doctor told me he has never seen this before or heard of this happening to anyone. I told him how I did it (documented in this BLOG). How I took off a week from work and decided I was going to figure out how to Hack my Type 2 Diabetes.

I recommended that the doctor look up Jason Fung and find some of his videos on Diabetes. Here’s one that YouTube has:

Another fast so soon?

I started a new fast on Sunday so I am at day 4 now. So far it is going very well. Not very hungry and not too grouchy (that I can tell). I’ve dropped off half the weight I regained over the four days of eating.

Stopped taking Metformin on the third day of this fast. My blood sugar numbers are up a bit but still on the low end. By dinner time last night my Blood Sugar was 88.

Considering starting up some exercise. Not for weight loss, it might in fact hinder some weight loss. More to work on my Blood Pressure. I have had a nice mountain bike since 2007 but I rarely ever ride the bike. So I bought a trainer which is attaches to the rear tire and turns the bike into a stationary bike.


One of my Keto/fasting heros, Tom, uses an ap called Kinomap. It lets you ride in different places in the world where people have recorded videos of their rides.

I pulled the bike out of the basement, cleaned it off and pumped up the tires. Hopefully I will be in riding shape by Spring. There’s a great bike trail very near to here,


150 miles of biking and hiking from Cumberland, MD to Pittsburgh, PA


Status – 2016-10-11

Two status reports in two days! Don’t want to set a record. On vacation from work and kids are in school so I have time to myself.

Bought a new scale

Yah, I know. Should really just ignore the scale entirely but I am a data driven guy. My other scale is a purely mechanical scale and the results were all over the place. The new scale has some fancy features like it measures my body impedance and determines BMI (says I am 34 BMI which is correct), percent body weight as water (shows me at 28% which is pretty low).

The good part is that the weight it shows is consistent but not exactly the same every time I step on. We have one at work that remembers if you stepped on it earlier and lies about it’s own accuracy by telling you the same number. It doesn’t have wireless and the numbers go by pretty fast. I recorded them with my tablet audio and will track them on a spreadsheet. Perhaps every day, perhaps not.


Status – 2016-10-10

It has been a while since I last posted a status. Things are going very well. My weight loss is at a slow and steady pace of a lb or two a week. I am down around 40 lbs now from when I started. Remember, a caloric deficit of 500 calories a day will only yield 3500 calories a week or a pound loss per week.

My main goal of getting my Insulin Resistance under control is difficult to measure since there’s no “Home IR kit” out there yet. But I’ve stayed off Insulin and and keeping up the Metformin oral medication.

I was having some problems with cramping (legs mostly) which was due to electrolyte balance. Increased salt, adding a daily multi-vitamin plus Calcium Citrate is working well with no cramping symptoms anymore.

Blood sugar has been steady as a rock. My 30 day average has 100. That translates to an HbA1C of 5.1. Also, I tend to test when I wake up and then two hours later (when the Dawn Syndrome peaks) so the numbers that I get are averages of all of the day’s numbers. My average may be slightly lower than 100. Here are the numbers from my last two weeks.