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Arduino Compatible

Unlike the Arduino, all of our boards have solid mounting holes and can be mounted in enclosures for real world applications.

Arduino Tinys

This family of Arduino compatibles uses the 8-pin ATTiny85 for a compact and inexpensive solution.

  • TinyDuino85 - ATTiny85 board
  • TinyGrid85 - ATTiny85 board with generous breadboard area for quick prototyping
  • Tiny85ISP - ATTiny85 ISP based Programmer board


These boards include audio building blocks and larger functions.

Beaglebone Capes

Digital to Analog

There are plenty of digital pots out there but few that let you run the wipers to voltages higher than 5V.

GVS Sensors

We like sensors with GVS pinouts. They go well with our Arduino Compatible boards (GVSDuino, GVS-32U4, or TinyDuino85)

  • DS18S20 - One Wire Temperature Sensor
  • DS18S20-LDR - One Wire Temperature Sensor plus Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) Sensor
  • GVS-Switch - Switch
  • IR_Sensor - Infrared Sensor
  • LDRSensor - Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)Sensor
  • Sw5Way - A 5 way switch on a single analog input line
  • Sw5-2 - A discrete 5 way switch on a single analog input line

I/O Cards

  • I2C8Bit - MCP23008 based small form factor card
  • I2C16Bit - MCP23017 based small form factor card
  • One Wire Logger - Much more than just a sensor, it's a complete datalogger with display

Open Data Acquisition System (ODAS)

Open Data Acquisition System

  • DAS-32U4 - Arduino compatible Processor Card
  • OptoIn8-I2C - Eight Channel Optically Isolated Input Card with I2C bus
  • OptoOut8-I2C - Eight Channel Optically Isolated Output Card with I2C bus
  • DigIO16-I2C - 16 Channel Digital I/O Card with I2C bus


  • LED-12 - A board with 12 LEDs controlled by a 555 Timer
  • LED-18 - A board with 18 white LEDs and Microprocessor control
  • LED-Test - Test outputs with a card that has 16 LEDs on it
  • LED-TEST-2 - Test outputs with a card that has 16 LEDs on it

Other Sensors



All of our boards are excellent for prototyping, but these are especially designed for that purpose.

  • BrBdPwrSply - Breadboard Power Supply
  • PowerDistrib - Power Distribution card
  • PwrSply317 - Adjustable Power Supply - a true classic
  • PWR-BLK-01 - USB to TTL Serial plus LiPo charger plus 5V Switching Mode Power Supply

Raspberry Pi Boards

Documentation Function 3.3V GPIO 5V GPIO Compatible with
RasPi-GVS GVS card 0 16 All Rasberry Pi Models
RasPi-B-Plus-GVS GVS card 5V 9 16 Rasberry Pi Models A+, B+
RASPI-PLUS-GVS-CFG Configurable GVS hat 26 0-8 Rasberry Pi Models A+, B+
RPI-MDI Servo card 3 0 All Rasberry Pi Models
RPIO-TINY GVS card 17 0 All Rasberry Pi Models
RPIO-TINY-2 GVS card 17 0-8 All Rasberry Pi Models

Test Equipment