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Bootloader Loader Version 3

I have already made two different bootloader loaders - MyISPShield and ISP-Shield. So, why make a third? Because, I wanted a bootloader which would be able to function as an In System Programmer (ISP).

This is a two board set that when put together creates a Arduino In System Programmer. The boards are:


The GVSDuino board is an Arduino UNO clone with significant differences. GVSDuino has no built in USB interface so it requires an external cable or board like the FTDI-USB-TTL.

Power comes from the FTDI-USB-TTL.

If you want to see someone who is really doing this right, check out this site.


  • Use ArduinoISP sketch in the "host".


  • Set the Programmer to "Arduino as ISP"


  • Hold down shift key when using upload button.
    • Text will change to "Upload using Programmer".