ODAS Test Station

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  • ODAS Test Station is used to test ODAS cards
  • Two Versions of the ODAS Test Station
    • ODAS Tester V1
    • ODAS Tester V2

ODAS Tester V1

ODAS Tester Hardware

ODAS Tester Software

ODAS Tester V2

ODAS Tester V2 Hardware

  • Test Station Cards
    • BLUE-PILL-HUB - Blue Pill board
      • Processor card for automated testing
      • USB-Mini B connector for connection to Host Comnputer
      • Host Computer running PuTTY
    • DIGIO32-I2C - Interface Card
    • LED-32 - 32 LEDs card
  • Internal cabling
  • External cabling
  • Unit Under Test (UUT) card

ODAS Tester V2 Software

Checking EEPROM for board type...Detected DIGIO-128 board
R=Read EEPROM, W=Write EEPROM, T=Test DIGIOs, L=Loop Test, B=Bounce LEDs


  • ODAS Tester has a DIGIO32 card which is connects to the UUT with specific cables
  • These cables are a combination of adapters and ribbon cables
  • These are the cables per UUT