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Using Spring Test Probes (Pogo Pins) for Board Testing

  • At Land Boards we use Spring Test Probes (Pogo Pins) in our Specialized Test Equipment (STE) for some card testing.
  • Below, UUT = Unit Under Test

Selecting the Right Pogo Pin

  • There are a variety of pogo pins available
    • Pin lengths, widths and head shapes vary
  • Pogo pins mount top or bottom side of an empty board (either blank UUT board or perf board)
  • Application varies by what is being probed
    • SMT pad
    • Through hole (empty hole)
  • Part pad


  1. Select pin basic type for the hole size that the pin will fit into (P50, P75, P100, etc.)
  2. Select head size/shape depending on application
  3. For empty through hole probing the head size should be larger than the hole size
  4. Shape should match need

Pogo Pin Sizes

  • P50 has .5mm diameter pin head (size 1)
  • P75 has .75mm diameter pin head (size 1)
  • P100 has a 1.0mm diameter pin head (size 1)
Series Pin Dia. (1) Tip Dia. (2) Tip Dia. (3) Tip Dia. Length
P50 (mm) 0.68 0.48 0.9 1.2 33.3
P75 (mm) 1.02 0.74 1.3 1.5 16.5
P100 (mm) 1.36 0.99 1.5 1.8 33.3

Series Pin Dia. (1) Tip Dia. (2) Tip Dia. (3) Tip Dia. Length
Series Pin Dia. (1) Tip Dia. (2) Tip Dia. (3) Tip Dia. Length
P50 (in) 0.027 0.019 0.035 0.047 1.311
P75 (in) 0.040 0.029 0.051 0.059 0.650
P100 (in) 0.054 0.039 0.059 0.071 1.311

Probing PCBs

Probing Through Holes

  • Pin array pins (in Kicad)
    • Spaced 0.1in apart
    • Pad size = 0.06in
    • Hole size = 0.04in
  • Part Selection - P75-LM2
    • 0.040" pin body diameter - tight fit but will be held straight
    • 0.051" pin head - bigger than the 0.040" hole and smaller than the pad size
    • Shape - multi-edged


Probing SMT Holes

  • SMT pads are TBD sized

When to Use Pogo Pins

  • Pogo pins are not needed for items which are connectorized - just use connectors for UUTs
  • Use pogo pins for hard to reach locations

Example: Screwduino card STE

  • Terminal blocks would require a lot of individual wires to be attached
  • Access from the top of the card







Example: DigIO16-I2C card STE

  • Board to test


  • LED test card with Pogo pins


Pin Drawings

P50 SpringTestProbes.jpg

P75 SpringTestProbes.jpg

Where to find Pogo Pins