Making good stuff...together.

We are a family owned business specializing in electronics design and manufacturing.

Our passion and mission is to design and build excellent electronic circuit boards.

I have been designing electronics circuit cards for over 30 years with many successful card designs. Check out my webpage to see the sort of cards I have designed and built. I also have a BS in Electrical Engineer and a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering from USC.

My three sons and I run land-boards to make the sort of boards that we find useful. My oldest son is an experienced programmer and is a Python wizard. He writes our test code. My middle son works professionally as an electronics assembler and he is working his way towards getting an Electrical Engineering degree. My younger son is only in High School but he's a very good computer programmer as well.

We have a team of local assemblers we work with and we can scale our output to match whatever demand we encounter.