ATmel Programming Head (ATProgHead)

The ATmel Programming Head (ATProgHead) is used to program 28-pin and 8-pin Atmel (AVR) microprocessors.


Here is the ATProgHead installed on top of the Arduino UNO Compatible (GVSDuino) (Rev X4 or higher) and a FTDI-USB-TTL card in a 3D printed case.


ATProgHead board features include:

  • Daughter card to the Arduino UNO Compatible (GVSDuino) (Revision X4 or higher) and gets installed above the Arduino UNO Compatible (GVSDuino) board
  • Status LEDs
    • PROG - Programming in progress
    • ERR - Error while programming
    • ALIV - Heartbeat
  • On-board 16 MHz resonator
  • Extended 12-pin ISP connector on bottom of board
  • Separate 6-pin ISP header allows board to act as an ISP programmer
  • The Arduino UNO Compatible (GVSDuino) uses an FTDI-USB-TTL board for its USB host connection.
  • ATProgHead supports ATMega328P, ATTiny85 and other Atmel AVR parts.
  • Can be used to load bootloader onto factory fresh chips.
  • Can be used to load sketches onto chips without the overhead of the bootloader.
  • 28-pin ATMega328P socket has a Zero Insertion Force socket which allows for easier programming than standard sockets (no tools required).
  • 8-pin DIP socket for ATTiny parts
  • 100mm square form factor
  • 4-40 mounting hardware

Technical Documents

Detailed technical documents are here.