If you like what we do but you want something different then we have great news. We design stuff for other people, too.

Our Services include

  • Analysis of Requirements
  • Concept Design
  • Schematic Design
  • PWB Layout
  • Develop Bills of Material
  • Order prototype parts
  • Kit parts for low volume Production
  • Prototype Assembly
  • Prototype testing
  • Delivery of Prototype(s)
  • Initial/low volume Production

 Analysis of Requirements

We work with you, the Customer, to write a straightforward Statement of Work using our Statement of Work Template. This helps narrow down the requirements and set the terms of our work. We feel that it is important to give you an evaluation of the feasibility of your design.

Concept Design

We develop your design concept and will present the concept to you in terms of how we see the concept developing.

Schematic Design

We use as many Open Source tools as we possibly can. One of our favorites is Kicad. Kicad is a PCB design tool.

PWB Layout

We layout boards using Kicad as well. We can layout boards from 2 layers to 8 or more layers. We try to make boards that are 2 layers as much as possible. This means we spend a lot of time in routing power and ground onto the top and bottoms of the boards. This creates less expensive and more reliable board designs.

Develop Bills of Material

We load the BOM part numbers into the Kicad design files themselves. It seems like extra work at times, but this method allows us to reuse design elements easily. In the end we have a BOM which can be uploaded to Mouser or Digikey. This allows us to quickly determine costs of the parts.

Order prototype parts

Because we maintain the parts list in standard spreadsheet format we can quickly order parts for your design from Mouser or Digikey. We take advantage of the Project Manager service in Mouser.

Kit parts for low volume Production


Prototype Assembly

We create an Assembly Sheet with the layout of the board and part assembly order. Here's an example Assembly Sheet.

Prototype testing

We don't just design things and throw them over the fence. We test our designs and make sure thet meet your requirements.

Delivery of Prototype(s)

We are able to personally deliver in the greater Pittsburgh area or ship worldwide via USPS.

Initial/low volume Production

Our syccessful Kickstarters show we are able to do low volume (under a hundred or more) pieces.