Arduino Leonardo Compatible (GVS-32U4)

The GVS-32U4 is an attractive alternative to the Arduino Leonardo. The card has the following advantages over the Arduino Leonardo:

Feature GVS-32U4 Arduino Leonardo
Size 49x49mm 58x53mm
Shape Square with rounded corners Irregular shape
I/O Connectors GVS (Ground/Voltage/Signal)
Standard 0.1"pitch pins
Power/ground for every I/O
"Arduino" connectors
Requires separate GVS shield
Very limited power/ground pins
Mounting holes 4 solid holes
At corners spaced at 41mm x 41mm
Lots of clearance
4 hard to use holes
Not at corners
Too close to connectors
Program using Arduino IDE Arduino IDE
Processor Atmel ATmega32U4 Atmel ATmega32U4
USB connector USB mini USB Micro
Power Options 3 options
Power from the USB port
External VIN pins
Reverse powering GVS
2 options
Power from the USB port
External VIN pins
Poly Fuse power protect Yes Yes
Power LED Yes Yes
HWB jumper Yes  No

Technical Documents

Detailed technical documents are here.