Arduino UNO Compatible (GVSDuino)

  • GVSDuino takes two awesome boards and puts them together on one board taking the best of each and improving on both.
  • The board is a minimalist Arduino design without a USB interface so it requires an FTDI board such as the USB-to-TTL Converter board to connect up to a Host Computer.
  • The board has GVS connectors for all of the Processor I/O pins.
  • Form factor (49mm x 49mm, or 3.72 in2)
  • Jumper selectable power source selects whether the FTDI (USB) or the DC regulator will be used to power the board.
  • 2.1 mm DC power connector.
    • This is convenient because an inexpensive wall wart can be used.
  • Has an extended ISP connector intended to connect to the ATProgHead.
    • The ATProgHead board is a daughterboard to the GVSDuino
    • It mounts above the GVSDuino board and allows AVRs to be programmed with the Arduino Bootloader.
    • Note that this is not the same as an ISP header to program the GVSDuino itself.
    • To program the GVSDuino board via ISP, the reset needs to be connected directly to pin 1 of the ATMega328P.

Technical Documents

Detailed technical documents are here.