Arduino UNO Compatible (MiniDuino)

The MiniDuino is an Arduino(TM) variant targeted at a very specific application - an Embedded GPS controller. The functionality of the MiniDuino allows it to be used in many applications. MiniDuino is very small - 2.0" x 1.35" and has large 4-40 mounting holes on each of the four corners for easy installation into an enclosure.


Application-oriented Arduino variant

The MiniDuino is targetted at supporting some leading hardware choices. The following have connections directly on the MiniDuino:

Embedded Design Arduino variant

The result is a great basis for most embedded designs. Any design which requires menu navigation and LCD displays along with a few I/O pins is a great fit. More I/O pins can be accommodated via an I2C interface and either the 8-bit I2C parallel port card or 16-bit I2C parallel port card.



Technical Documents

Detailed technical documents are here.