Arduino Nano Breakout card


  • Arduino Nano
    • Inexpensive ($6-$7 US, $2.50 China), multiple sourced part
    • 5V, 16 MHz
    • Installs onto female header/removable
    • DC regulator
    • Microprocessor ATMega328 Comparable with Arduino UNO
    • Mini USB connector
    • Reset switch
  • DC Power Jack
  • GVS connections for most digital/analog signals
    • Ground and power connections for each digital lines simplify power distribution to external functions such as sensors
  • Additional analog input signals (over the Arduino UNO)
  • ICSP (In-Circuit System Programmer) header
  • I2C header
  • Aref voltage selection header
  • Direct connection to MyMenu card
    • I2C Interface
    • D6 connection for interrupt line
    • Located in mirrored location on both boards to allow the MyMenu to mount to the rear
  • 49x49mm form factor
  • (4) 4-40 mounting holes for installation into enclosures
  • Rounded corners to allow card to be installed into enclosure corners

Detailed Technical Data