Voltage Converter (PWR-BLK-02)



  • FTDI USB to TTL Serial
    • Standard FTDI 6-pin header
    • 5V or 3.3V jumper selectable output voltage on FTDI header
    • 500 mA fuse on USB input
  • LiPoly battery charger
    • JST connector
    • 500 mA charge current
    • Red LED charge state indicator (on while charging)
  • 5V Switching Mode Power Supply
  • Header for external power switch
  • Header for external TX/RX LEDs
    • Resistors on board so LEDs can be hooked up directly
  • 2x3 pin 0.1" spacing output connector
    • Several external cards can be connected
  • Four mounting holes
    • 4-40

Technical Documents

Detailed technical documents are here.