Raspberry Pi B+ Sensor Connection Card (RASPI-PLUS-GVS)


This board is modeled on the Arduino Sensor Shields, also known as GVS shields. Arduino Sensor Shields bring out the pins of the Arduino to GVS (set of Ground, Voltage and Signal) pins. Unfortunately, the Raspberry Pi can't work with the same GVS cards as the Arduino since the Raspberry Pi has 3.3V I/O The RasPi-GVS card allows the Raspberry Pi to communicate with 5V sensors by performing voltage translation from the 3.3V of the Raspberry Pi to 5V.



  • (16) I/O lines of 3.3V to 5V bidirectional voltage translators on the Raspberry Pi I/O lines
    • (7) 5V GPIO lines on GVS connectors
    • (2) 5V SPI interfaces (can also be used as 5 GPIO lines)
    • (1) 5V UART interface (can also be used as 2 GPIO lines)
    • (1) 5V I2C interface (can also be used as 2 GPIO lines)
    • GPIO_4 enables/disables the voltage translators
  • (9) I/O lines of 3.3V GPIO
  • Optional Power Supply which can power the GVS connectors
  • Raspberry Pi Model A+/B+ card form factor

Voltage Translators

The Raspi-GVS board uses Texas Instrument TXS0108 voltage translators.

Technical Documents

Detailed technical documents are here.