Raspberry Pi Console Card

Select Connector Type

(Video is for USB-Mini Connector)




  • Console port
    • Talk to your Raspberry Pi over USB without a keyboard/mouse/monitor or Ethernet connection.
    • 115200 baud
  • USB Micro-B connector mounted on the bottom of the card
  • Power the Pi from your computer's USB port - jumper selectable - .
  • Transmit/receive LEDs
  • (3) Pi Connector options - extender allows daughtercards to be added oon top
    • 26-pin extender connector works with Model A and Model B Pis
    • 40-pin extender connector works with Model A+ and Model B+ Pis
    • 26-pin non-extender connector works with all Pi Models
  • To see boot output requires an OS (such as Raspbian) which support boot from serial port
  • NOOBS does not show boot output