I2C Hub for the Raspberry Pi

$30 + shipping


  • I2C Hub / Repeater / Replicator / Multiplexer / De-multiplexer
    • PCA9544A IC
    • Controlled via I2C
    • Multiple vendors
    • Devices with the same address can be attached to different ports
  • Host I2 port goes to Raspberry Pi I2C lines
    • 3.3V host operation
  • Four I2C slave ports
    • I2C ports can use the Raspberry Pi or have their own power (power source select jumper)
    • A Raspberry PI which runs 3.3V can control an I2C device which runs at 5V
  • Voltage translation between the ports
    • I2C ports can be 3.3V or 5V
  • Fits in any Raspberry Pi model
    • Cutout for Model B RCA video jack
  • Interrupt controller on each channel and host
  • 100KHz/400KHz operation
  • On-board termination resistors

Detailed documentation is here