Raspberry Pi Servo/PWM Controller

$15.45 + shipping


  • Raspberry Pi daughtercard
  • Fits on "old" Model B or "new" Model B Plus board
  • Motion control elements
  • Three axis Servo PWM outputs
  • Two PWM Controlled LEDs
  • I2C controlled 16-channel PWM controller PCA9685
    • 5 channels used as above (Three Servo outputs, 2 LED outputs)
    • PWM controller has internal built-in clock generator - no refresh required
  • Three switch inputs with on-board pull-ups
  • 10 uF SMT cap on rear of board for PWM/Servo noise reduction
  • Right angle connectors for Low Profile
  • Recessed connectors for side connectors for smallest form factor
  • Very small size 1.4" x 1"

Technical Documents

Detailed technical documents are here.