ATTiny85 ISP (Tiny85ISP)


The Tiny85ISP is an ATTiny85 based In-System Programmer Board (and more).


The Tiny85ISP is the latest board to support the Arduino compatible ATTiny85 Microprocessor. Features include:

  • 6-pin ISP header allows the board to be programmed easily from an AVR Programmer without any special cabling
  • 2 GVS connectors
    • D3, D4 data lines
  • On board +5V/1A power regulator
    • Jumper to connect/disconnect power from the regulator to the Processor
      • Allows the card to use external power when programming eliminating the need for local power
    • Legend marked as + and -
  • Very small form factor (1" x 1")
  • (4) 4-10 mounting holes for solid mounting
  • Rounded corners to fit into plastic enclosures even to the corner of the enclosure

Technical Documents

Detailed technical documents are here.