ATTiny85 X2 2012-12-27-221321.jpg


This board is an ATTiny85 Arduino-Compatible GVS design. 

TinyDuino85 is an Atmel ATTiny85 based design. Distinctive features are:

  • Four mounting holes - standard 4-40 hardware
  • GVS Connectors for D0-D5 (5-lines)
  • Reset pin for ease of downloading
  • Installable resistors for pullups on lines (1-Wire or LDR sensors can be done easily)
  • Small form factor card easily fits into small Altoids tin 
  • On-board +5V voltage regulator
    • SMT regulator uses the top layer of the board as heat spreader
  • Rounded corners on the PCB for easy mounting

Technical Documents

Detailed technical documents are here.