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  • Used to determine antenna resonant frequency
  • Whetstone bridge design
  • 2-Channel Scope BNC connections
  • Signal Generator BNC input
  • Antenna Under Test BNC connection
  • Form factor matches standard 50mmx80mm extruded enclosure
  • Measuring Complex Impedances
  • This circuit can be used to measure complex impedance
  • R2 and R5 are not critical but should be matched
  • R1 and R3 should probably be 50-ish Ohms (47 Ohm should be OK)
  • R4 should probably be somewhere near the nominal resistance of the load you are testing
  • Scope may need to be floated depending upon the network that is being measured

W2AEW design

Youtube Video #112: Use an Oscilloscope and Signal Generator help tune an HF Antenna, measure complex impedance



Assembly Sheet / Parts List

ANTUNER-X1 Assembly Sheet