Cyclone IV FPGA EP4CE6E22C8N Development Board USB V2

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  • Includes VGA, PS/2 and USB-Serial converter
  • Enough Internal SRAM to make small (16KB) BASIC computers

Limitations on MultiComp compatibility

  • Very limited I/O
    • Most of the I/O pins are shared with the 16-bit Video
    • Would require removing R-packs to gain I/O
  • Driver for PL-2303HX USB-Serial doesn't work under Windows 10 (painful workaround)
  • No SD Card storage
  • No external SRAM but very large SDRAM (not supported yet in our builds)
  • Would require a mod for serial hardware handshake (there's a pin or two free on the I/O which could at least do RTS)

Additional Features

  • On/Off switch - nicer than plugging/unplugging DC power cable
  • 4 pushbuttons
  • Four digit 7 Segment Display
  • IR LED
  • Buzzer
  • A/D with SMA connector

Multicomp Builds

Pin List

set_global_assignment -name FAMILY "Cyclone IV E"
set_global_assignment -name DEVICE EP4CE6E22C8
set_global_assignment -name STRATIX_DEVICE_IO_STANDARD "3.3-V LVTTL"
# Clock and Reset switch
set_location_assignment PIN_24 -to clk
set_location_assignment PIN_89 -to n_reset
# Serial no handshake
set_location_assignment PIN_87 -to rxd
set_location_assignment PIN_86 -to txd
# PS/2
set_location_assignment PIN_99 -to ps2Clk
set_location_assignment PIN_98 -to ps2Data
# Video
set_location_assignment PIN_100 -to hSync
set_location_assignment PIN_101 -to vSync
set_location_assignment PIN_120 -to videoR0
set_location_assignment PIN_121 -to videoR1
set_location_assignment PIN_124 -to videoR2
set_location_assignment PIN_125 -to videoR3
set_location_assignment PIN_126 -to videoR4
set_location_assignment PIN_111 -to videoG0
set_location_assignment PIN_112 -to videoG1
set_location_assignment PIN_113 -to videoG2
set_location_assignment PIN_114 -to videoG3
set_location_assignment PIN_115 -to videoG4
set_location_assignment PIN_119 -to videoG5
set_location_assignment PIN_103 -to videoB0
set_location_assignment PIN_104 -to videoB1
set_location_assignment PIN_105 -to videoB2
set_location_assignment PIN_106 -to videoB3
set_location_assignment PIN_110 -to videoB4
# LEDs and Switches
set_location_assignment PIN_144 -to LED4
set_location_assignment PIN_1 -to LED1
set_location_assignment PIN_2 -to LED2
set_location_assignment PIN_3 -to LED3
set_location_assignment PIN_88 -to switch0
set_location_assignment PIN_91 -to switch1
set_location_assignment PIN_90 -to switch2
# Buzzer
set_location_assignment PIN_85 -to BUZZER
set_location_assignment PIN_13 -to ~ALTERA_DATA0~
set_location_assignment PIN_6 -to ~ALTERA_ASDO_DATA1~
set_location_assignment PIN_8 -to ~ALTERA_FLASH_nCE_nCSO~
set_location_assignment PIN_12 -to ~ALTERA_DCLK~