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ER-PROTO-01-CV4 P1090031-F B 720px.jpg


  • Pot controlled CV generator
    • Useful for testing VCOs, etc
  • (4) Buffered CV Outputs
  • 4 Pots
    • RV1-RV4 used
    • RV5, RV6 not used
  • 4 Jacks
    • RV1 controls J1, etc
  • Output voltage Levels are assignable via jumpers
    • +5V/GND
    • +12V/-12V
    • +12V/GND

Opamp Choices


Opamp buffers

  • CV Voltage selection headers

ER-PROTO-01-CV4 Opamps.PNG

Output jacks

  • Jack grounds connected on Controls card (3 jumpers)
  • Single ground connection on daughtercard (1 jumper)

ER-PROTO-01-CV4 OutputJacks.PNG

Pots on Controls card

  • Connections of CW and CCW
    • RV1 goes to RV2
    • RV3 goes to RV4

ER-PROTO-01-CV4 PotsOnControlsCard.PNG

J6 - Eurorack Power

  • J6 on the I/O card
    • Eurorack power
    • 2x5 IDC
    • GATE, CV not connected

ER-PROTO-DB-01 J6.png

Control Board Wiring

  • NODE: GND, J1-GND to J3-GND
  • NODE: GND, J2-GND to J4-GND
  • NODE: GND, J3-GND to J4-GND
  • NODE: GND, RV1-3 to RV3-3
  • NODE: GND, RV2-3 to RV4-3
  • NODE: VCC, RV1-1 to RV3-1
  • NODE: VCC, RV2-1 to RV4-1

Daughtercard wiring

  • NODE: J1-T*, U1-1 to R5 (other side goes to J38-8)
  • NODE: J2-T*, U1-7 to R8 (other side goes to J38-4)
  • NODE: J3-T*, U2-1 to R6 (other side goes to J38-6)
  • NODE: J4-T*, U2-7 to R7 (other side goes to J38-2)
  • NODE: LB1, U1-1 to U1-2
  • NODE: LB2, U1-6 to U1-7
  • NODE: LB3, U2-1 to U2-2
  • NODE: LB4, U2-6 to U2-7
  • NODE: GND, J38-3 or 5 (nearest GND) bus hole
  • NODE: VH1, H1-2 (+12/+5 header) to U1-8
  • NODE: VL1, H2-2 (GND header) to U1-4
  • NODE: VH2, H3-2 (+12/+5 header) to U2-8
  • NODE: VL2, H4-2 (GND header) to U2-4
  • NODE: VH1, U1-8 to J37-8 (POT2-CW)
  • NODE: VL1, U1-4 to J37-10 (POT2-10)
  • NODE: VH2, U2-8 to J37-5 (POT4-CW)
  • NODE: VL2, U2-4 to J37-7 (POT4-CCW
  • NODE: POT1W, J37-18 to U1-3
  • NODE: POT2W, J37-9 to U1-5
  • NODE: POT3W, J37-15 to U2-3
  • NODE: POT4W, J37-6 to U2-5

Parts Lists

Daughtercard Parts List

Find Qty Ref Des Part Number
1 4 H1-H4 Conn_01x03
2 1 J5 HEADER, 2X10
3 1 J6 HEADER, 2X8
4 1 J10 Conn_01x08
5 4 R5-R8 1K
10 2 R6, R7 1K
6 2 U1, U2 SOCKET, 8 PIN
7 2 U1, U2 TL072

Controls card Parts List

  • RV1-RV4 = B100K pots
  • R1-R4 = 1K
  • J1-J4 = PJ301BM
  • J5 = Socket, Female, 2x10
  • J10 = Socket, Female, 1x8

3D PCB Layout

  • Board soldermask is actually black, but shown in green for contrast

ER-PROTO-01-CV4 3D.png

  • Details