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  • FT230X USB-to-FTDI Serial IC
  • USB B connector (not micro or mini, but the beefy USB B connector)
  • FTDI compatible pinout
  • 3.3V or 5V selection jumper
  • Inputs are 5V tolerant (when set to 3.3V levels)
  • 2x6 Header for 5V power distribution
  • Rx and Tx LEDs
  • (4) 4-40 mounting holes
  • Can be direct wired to DTE or DCE TTL-to-RS-232 converters


5V/3.3V Jumper

  • Select 5V or 3.3V signal levels on FTDI connector
  • On FTDI connector VCC pin pin 3

(Inputs are 5V tolerant (when set to 3.3V levels)

FTDI Connector

  • Right angle 1x6 pins
  1. GND
  2. CTSn (IN)
  3. VCC
  4. TX (OUT)
  5. RX (IN)
  6. RTSn (OUT)

USB Connector

  • USB B Connector

Stackup with EP2 FPGA card

  • Top to bottom of stackup
  1. EP2C5-DB
  2. Cyclone_II_EP2C5_Mini_Dev_Board Card
  3. FTDI-49MM - (this card)


Card Test

OPTOUSB Tester Card-Annotated-720pxV.jpg

  • UUT card
  • Connect OPTOUSB tester card to UUT
    • Connect FTDI - black = ground
    • Does not require LEDs connections
    • Does not require 5V Power Supply (used for OPTOUSB card)
  • Plug in USB to computer
    • Should hear Windoze detect sound
    • Use Device Manager to determine which COM port is used
  • Run puTTY
    • Baud rate = 115,200 baud
    • Hardware handshake RTS/CTS
    • COM port from Device Manager
  • Jumper Settings - Normal operation
    • Left jumper in right position (loopback data)
    • Middle jumper in left position (handshake = active/ground)
    • Right jumper in right position (loopback handshake)
    • Type on keyboard and verify it returns data
    • Verify both LEDs on the UUT light
  • Jumper settings - Test Tx/Rx isolation
    • Move left jumper to left position
    • Type data nothing should come back
    • Verify RX LED on the UUT only lights
    • Move left jumper to right position
  • Jumper settings - Test RTS/CTS
    • Move right jumper to left position (handshake controlled by middle jumper)
    • Type and characters should return
    • Move middle jumper to to right position (hardware handshake off)
    • Type and nothing should go through
    • Move middle jumper to to left position (hardware handshake on)
    • Characters that were buffered should come in at once
  • Mark test coupon on rear of card

Assembly Sheet

FTDI-49MM Assembly Sheet