Frequency Counter 6 Digits

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FreqCtr 6Digs-P17332-720px.jpg


  • AliExpress listing
    • AKA: PLJ-6LED
  • Frequency reference with temperature compensation type voltage controlled crystal oscillator (2.5 ppm VC-TCXO).
  • Adopts gate control mode and the accurate time algorithm is unique.
  • Gate (refresh) time is 0.1 seconds, real-time display of frequency.
  • The precision of frequency measurement 10Hz/100Hz (Rotated the right one) optional.
  • Dual frequency design, intermediate frequency value and plus / minus mode can be preset, and do not influence each other.
  • Display driver using the LED chip digital tube display, high brightness, less external interference.
  • Adopts six 0.56 inch digital tube display, automatic blanking invalid zero, eight stage adjustable brightness.
  • Simple circuit, reasonable structure, double button control, simple operation.
  • All settings are automatically saved, boot directly call.



  • Working voltage: DC 8V-15V (reverse polarity protection)
  • Working current: 90mA (max)
  • Input impedance: high resistance
  • Measuring range: 0.1 MHz to 65 MHz
  • Accuracy: 10 Hz
  • Sensitivity: better than 60mVPP
  • Display digits: Six common anode LED display , the highest display six digits
  • Size: 9cm x 2.5cm x 2cm .
  • Connectors
    • RF IN (input): HX2.54-2P socket
    • ICSP (programming interface): 2.54-6P Pin
    • DC IN (Power Interface): HX2.54-2P socket







Build into case[edit]

FreqCtr 6Digs-P17333-720px.jpg

  • Power and input wired to card
    • Jacks were too tall for box depth to close securely
  • Two pushbuttons wired to Upper/Lower pushbuttons on card
  • Mini-360 Switching Regulator
    • 9-24 VDC input
    • 7 VDC output
      • Lowers stress on 7505 regulator on the card (more stable due to lower temperature)
    • Hot glued into case
  • 2.1x5.5 DC jack
  • BNC front panel mount jack
  • 100 x 60 x 25 mm Black Plastic Enclosure