Front Panel V2 Assembly Sheet Rev 1

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Fp01 front back pwb.png

Parts List

Qty Value RefDes Qty Value RefDes
4 10K, 1/4W R3-R7 32 LED, 5MM (NOTE 3) DS1-DS32
2 2.2K, 1/4W (NOTE 1) R1,R2 1 HEADER, RT ANG, 2X2 J6
32 1K, 1/4W (NOTE 2) R5,R8-R38 1 HEADER, RT ANG 1X4 J3
4 MCP23017-E/SP - DIP U1-U4 1 HEADER, RT ANG, 1x2 J1
32 SW, Pushbutton, 6mm, (Note 4) SW1-SW32 1 HEADER, RT ANG, 1x5 J2


  • Note 1 - R1 and R2 are 2.2K I2C terminators. Needed for 3.3V operation and 400 KHz operation.
  • Note 2 - 1K ballast LED resistors. Pick value for how bright you want LEDs at your operating voltage.
  • Note 3 - LEDs - I like diffused Orange LEDs. I don't like clear LEDs.
  • Note 4 - Pick the height you like. I like 6mm high. You might like taller if you use keycaps.