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I2C-RPT-01-X2-CCA 6031-640px.jpg


  • I2C Hub / Repeater / Replicator / Multiplexer / De-multiplexer
  • Four I2C Ports
  • Host port Controlled via I2C
  • PCA9544A IC Multiple vendors
  • 3.3V or 5V host operation
  • 3.3V or 5V slave ports operation
  • Voltage translation between the ports
  • Example: A Raspberry PI which runs 3.3V can control an I2C device which runs at 5V
  • Interrupt line on each channel and host
  • 100KHz/400KHz operation
  • On-board termination resistors
  • 49x49mm form factor
  • 4 solid 4-40 mounting holes
  • Arduino driver and example code
  • Raspberry Pi example code

Drivers/Example Code[edit]



I2C RPT Test I6075 720px.jpg

Assembly Sheet[edit]