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USB to TTL Serial plus LiPo charger plus 5V Switching Mode Power Supply



  • FTDI USB to TTL Serial
    • Standard FTDI 6-pin header
    • 5V or 3.3V jumper selectable output voltage on FTDI header
    • 500 mA fuse on USB input
  • LiPoly battery charger
    • JST connector
    • 500 mA charge current
    • Red LED charge state indicator (on while charging)
  • 5V Switching Mode Power Supply
  • Header for external power switch
  • Header for external TX/RX LEDs
    • Resistors on board so LEDs can be hooked up directly
  • 2x3 pin 0.1" spacing output connector
    • Several external cards can be connected
  • Four mounting holes
    • 4-40


J1 - Mini-USB B

  • 5-pin
  • On rear of card


  • 6x1 pin, 0.1" header


J3 - LiPoly battery

  • Standard pinout


J4 - Output Power Connector

  • 2x3 pin, 0.1" header


H1 - FTDI Output Voltage

  • Selects what the output voltage on the FTDI connector will be.



  • Board has built-in LEDs.
  • One LED output for Transmit.
  • One LED output for Receive.


H3 - Power Switch

  • Close these two pins to power the board.
  • This will take the output voltage from the battery and connect it to the Switching Mode Power Supply.




Parts List

Qty	Value	RefDes	Manufacturer	ManufacturerPN	Vendor	VendorPN
1	0.1uF	C1	Murata	GRM155F51E104ZA1J	Mouser	81-GRM155F51E104ZA1J
2	10uF	C2,C3	Vishay/Vitramon	VJ1206V106ZXQTW1BC	Mouser	77-VJ1206V106ZXQTBC
2	4.7uF	C4,C5	Vishay	VJ1206V475MXJTW1BC	Mouser	77-VJ1206V475MXJTBC
1	680pF	C6	Vishay	VJ0805Y681JXXCW1BC	Mouser	77-VJ0805Y681JXXCBC
1	LED	DS1	Lite-On	LTST-C170KRKT	Mouser	N/A
1	MBR0520LT1G	D1	ON Semiconductor	MBR0520LT1G	Mouser	863-MBR0520LT1G
1	FUSE	F1	Cooper Bussman	PTS120615V050	Mouser	PTS120615V050
1	CONN_2	H3	N/A	N/A	N/A	N/A
1	CONN_2X2	H2	N/A	N/A	N/A	N/A
1	CONN_3	H1	FCI	68002-103HLF	Mouser	649-68002-103HLF
1	CONN_3X2	J4	N/A	N/A	N/A	N/A
1	CONN_6	J2	FCI	68002-106HLF	Mouser	649-68002-106HLF
1	JST_2	J3	JST Sales America Inc	S2B-PH-SM4-TB(LF)(SN)	Mouser	455-1749-1-ND
1	USB-B	J1	Hirose	UX60SC-MB-5ST(80)	Mouser	798-UX60SC-MB-5ST80
1	10uH	L1	Bourns	SRN3015-100M	Mouser	652-SRN3015-100M
1	1K	R6	Vishay	CRCW08051K00JNEA	Mouser	71-CRCW0805J-1K-E3
1	1M	R5	Vishay	CRCW08051M00FKEA	Mouser	71-CRCW0805-1.0M-E3
1	2.2K	R1	Vishay	CRCW08052K20JNEB	Mouser	71-CRCW08052K20JNEB
1	270	R3	TE	CRG0805F270R	Mouser	279-CRG0805F270R
1	270	R4	TE	CRG0805F270R	Mouser	279-CRG0805F270R
1	3.09K	R7	KOA Speer	RK73H2ATTE3091F	Mouser	660-RK73H2ATTE3091F
1	470	R2	KOA Speer	RK73B2ATTD472J	Mouser	660-RK73B2ATTD472J
1	FT230XS	U1	FTDI	FT230XS-R	Mouser	895-FT230XS-R
1	LMR62014	U3	TI	LMR62014XMFE/NOPB	Mouser	926-LMR62014XMFENOPB
1	MCP73831	U2	Mirochip	MCP73831T-2ACI/OT	Mouser	579-MCP73831T-2ACIOT

Parts List / Assembly Order

PWR-BLK-02 Assembly Sheet