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USB LiPo charger plus 5V Switching Mode Power Supply[edit]



  • Charge LiPo battery from USB power input
    • 1 A polyfuse on USB input
  • LiPoly battery charger
    • JST connector
    • 500 mA charge current
    • Red LED charge state indicator (on while charging)
  • 5V Switching Mode Power Supply
  • Power switch
  • 2x3 pin 0.1" spacing output power connector
    • Several external cards can be connected
  • Four mounting holes
    • 4-40


J1 - Output Power Connector[edit]

  • 2x3 pin, 0.1" header

J2 - LiPoly battery[edit]

  • Standard JST connector pinout

J3 - Micro-USB[edit]

  • 5-pin

File:USB Micro B.png

SW1 - Power Switch[edit]

  • This will take the output voltage from the battery and connect it to the Switching Mode Power Supply.



Parts List[edit]

Parts List / Assembly Order[edit]

PWR-BLK-03 Assembly Sheet