QMTECH Cyclone 10CL006 FPGA Card

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CYCLONE10 P18103 720PX.jpg


  • Mounts to RETRO-EP4CE15
  • FPGA: 10CL006YU256C8G
    • On-Board FPGA external crystal frequency: 50MHz
    • Block RAM resource - 30 of M9K blocks
    • 6K LEs
  • On-Board 32MB Micron SDRAM,MT48LC16M16A2-75
  • On-Board 3.3V power supply for FPGA by using MP2359 wide input range DC/DC
  • Two 64p, 2.54mm pitch headers for extending user IOs
  • 3 user switches
  • 2 user LEDs
  • JTAG interface, by using 10p, 2.54mm pitch male header
  • PCB size is: 6.7cm x 8.4cm
  • Default power source for board is: 1A@5V DC, the DC header type: DC-050, 5.5mmx2.1mm
  • Cyclone10 10CL006 GitHub
  • AliExpress listing


  • 10CL006 is comparable to Cyclone IV EP4CE6 FPGA

Cyclone 10 Resources.PNG

  • 30 1Kx9 RAM blocks
  • Power LED - D4 (On when 5V is applied)
  • JP5 - 5V
To Direction Location I/O Standard Pull-Up
i_clk Input PIN_E1 3.3-V LVTTL
i_SW1 Input PIN_F3 3.3-V LVTTL on
i_n_reset Input PIN_J6 3.3-V LVTTL on


Configuration EEPROM[edit]



  • Power LED - D4 (On when 5V is applied)
  • User LED - LED_D5 - FPGA Pin_L9 (pull low to illuminate LED)

LED 001 C10.PNG

LED 002 C10.PNG


  • KEY0 - SW1 - FPGA Pin_F3

Pushbuttons C10.PNG




U7 C10.PNG


  • Cannot place output or bidirectional pin J8IO[35] in input pin location M16
  • Cannot place output or bidirectional pin J8IO[36] in input pin location M15
  • Cannot place output or bidirectional pin J8IO[57] in input pin location E16
  • Cannot place output or bidirectional pin J8IO[58] in input pin location E15

U8 C10.PNG

Programmer - Create jic file[edit]

  • .jic file
  • Device EPCQ64
  • Active Serial
  • Programming File Type: *.jic
  • Advanced = Check both Disables...
  • Select Flash Loader

Cyclone10 Gen Programmer File.png

  • Adv Options
    • Click first 2 boxes

Cyclone10 Adv Opts Programmer.png

  • Programmer

Cyclone10 Programmer.png

Pin List[edit]

To Direction Location I/O Standard Pull-Up
cts1 Input PIN_D11 3.3-V LVTTL
hSync Output PIN_D14 3.3-V LVTTL
i_clk Input PIN_E1 3.3-V LVTTL
i_key1 Input PIN_F3 3.3-V LVTTL on
i_n_reset Input PIN_J6 3.3-V LVTTL on
n_sdRamCas Output PIN_M7 3.3-V LVTTL
n_sdRamCe Output PIN_P8 3.3-V LVTTL
n_sdRamRas Output PIN_M8 3.3-V LVTTL
n_sdRamWe Output PIN_P6 3.3-V LVTTL
n_sRamCS Output PIN_E5 3.3-V LVTTL
n_sRamOE Output PIN_A3 3.3-V LVTTL
n_sRamWE Output PIN_B7 3.3-V LVTTL
o_UsrLed Output PIN_L9 3.3-V LVTTL
ps2Clk Bidir PIN_G1 3.3-V LVTTL on
ps2Data Bidir PIN_G2 3.3-V LVTTL on
rts1 Output PIN_B10 3.3-V LVTTL
rxd1 Input PIN_D12 3.3-V LVTTL
sdCS Output PIN_B16 3.3-V LVTTL
sdMISO Input PIN_C15 3.3-V LVTTL on
sdMOSI Output PIN_A15 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamAddr[14] Output PIN_L8 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamAddr[13] Output PIN_N8 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamAddr[12] Output PIN_T2 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamAddr[11] Output PIN_R3 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamAddr[10] Output PIN_T6 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamAddr[9] Output PIN_T3 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamAddr[8] Output PIN_R4 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamAddr[7] Output PIN_T4 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamAddr[6] Output PIN_R5 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamAddr[5] Output PIN_T5 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamAddr[4] Output PIN_R6 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamAddr[3] Output PIN_T8 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamAddr[2] Output PIN_R8 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamAddr[1] Output PIN_T7 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamAddr[0] Output PIN_R7 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamClk Output PIN_P2 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamClkEn Output PIN_R1 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamData[15] Input PIN_J2 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamData[14] Input PIN_J1 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamData[13] Input PIN_K2 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamData[12] Input PIN_K1 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamData[11] Input PIN_L2 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamData[10] Input PIN_L1 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamData[9] Input PIN_N1 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamData[8] Input PIN_N2 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamData[7] Input PIN_N5 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamData[6] Input PIN_P3 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamData[5] Input PIN_M6 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamData[4] Input PIN_N3 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamData[3] Input PIN_K6 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamData[2] Input PIN_L4 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamData[1] Input PIN_L3 3.3-V LVTTL
sdRamData[0] Input PIN_K5 3.3-V LVTTL
sdSCLK Output PIN_C16 3.3-V LVTTL
serSelect Input
sramAddress[19] Output PIN_D8 3.3-V LVTTL
sramAddress[18] Output PIN_D9 3.3-V LVTTL
sramAddress[17] Output PIN_B8 3.3-V LVTTL
sramAddress[16] Output PIN_B9 3.3-V LVTTL
sramAddress[15] Output PIN_E8 3.3-V LVTTL
sramAddress[14] Output PIN_A9 3.3-V LVTTL
sramAddress[13] Output PIN_A8 3.3-V LVTTL
sramAddress[12] Output PIN_C9 3.3-V LVTTL
sramAddress[11] Output PIN_C8 3.3-V LVTTL
sramAddress[10] Output PIN_A7 3.3-V LVTTL
sramAddress[9] Output PIN_A6 3.3-V LVTTL
sramAddress[8] Output PIN_A4 3.3-V LVTTL
sramAddress[7] Output PIN_C3 3.3-V LVTTL
sramAddress[6] Output PIN_F5 3.3-V LVTTL
sramAddress[5] Output PIN_C2 3.3-V LVTTL
sramAddress[4] Output PIN_D1 3.3-V LVTTL
sramAddress[3] Output PIN_B1 3.3-V LVTTL
sramAddress[2] Output PIN_D3 3.3-V LVTTL
sramAddress[1] Output PIN_B3 3.3-V LVTTL
sramAddress[0] Output PIN_B4 3.3-V LVTTL
sramData[7] Bidir PIN_A2 3.3-V LVTTL
sramData[6] Bidir PIN_E6 3.3-V LVTTL
sramData[5] Bidir PIN_D6 3.3-V LVTTL
sramData[4] Bidir PIN_A5 3.3-V LVTTL
sramData[3] Bidir PIN_B6 3.3-V LVTTL
sramData[2] Bidir PIN_B5 3.3-V LVTTL
sramData[1] Bidir PIN_C6 3.3-V LVTTL
sramData[0] Bidir PIN_D4 3.3-V LVTTL
txd1 Output PIN_A10 3.3-V LVTTL
videoB0 Output PIN_B14 3.3-V LVTTL
videoB1 Output PIN_A14 3.3-V LVTTL
videoG0 Output PIN_B13 3.3-V LVTTL
videoG1 Output PIN_A13 3.3-V LVTTL
videoR0 Output PIN_B12 3.3-V LVTTL
videoR1 Output PIN_A12 3.3-V LVTTL
vSync Output PIN_C14 3.3-V LVTTL

.qsf file[edit]

set_global_assignment -name FAMILY "Cyclone 10 LP"
set_global_assignment -name DEVICE 10CL006YU256C8G
set_global_assignment -name TOP_LEVEL_ENTITY uk101_41kRAM
set_global_assignment -name ORIGINAL_QUARTUS_VERSION "13.0 SP1"
set_global_assignment -name PROJECT_CREATION_TIME_DATE "14:00:12  MARCH 31, 2019"
set_global_assignment -name LAST_QUARTUS_VERSION "21.1.0 Lite Edition"
set_global_assignment -name PROJECT_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY output_files
set_global_assignment -name MIN_CORE_JUNCTION_TEMP 0
set_global_assignment -name MAX_CORE_JUNCTION_TEMP 85
set_global_assignment -name ERROR_CHECK_FREQUENCY_DIVISOR 1
set_global_assignment -name STRATIX_DEVICE_IO_STANDARD "3.3-V LVTTL"
# Clock and reset
set_location_assignment PIN_E1 -to clk
set_location_assignment PIN_J6 -to n_reset
set_instance_assignment -name WEAK_PULL_UP_RESISTOR ON -to n_reset
# LEDs
# PS/2
set_location_assignment PIN_G1 -to ps2Clk
set_instance_assignment -name WEAK_PULL_UP_RESISTOR ON -to ps2Clk
set_location_assignment PIN_G2 -to ps2Data
set_instance_assignment -name WEAK_PULL_UP_RESISTOR ON -to ps2Data
# Serial
set_location_assignment PIN_D12 -to fpgaRx
set_instance_assignment -name WEAK_PULL_UP_RESISTOR ON -to fpgaRx
set_location_assignment PIN_A10 -to fpgaTx
set_location_assignment PIN_B10 -to fpgaRts
set_location_assignment PIN_D11 -to fpgaCts
# Video
set_location_assignment PIN_B12 -to vgaRedLo
set_location_assignment PIN_A12 -to vgaRedHi
set_location_assignment PIN_B13 -to vgaGrnLo
set_location_assignment PIN_A13 -to vgaGrnHi
set_location_assignment PIN_B14 -to vgaBluLo
set_location_assignment PIN_A14 -to vgaBluHi
set_location_assignment PIN_D14 -to vgaHsync
set_location_assignment PIN_C14 -to vgaVsync
# SD Card
set_location_assignment PIN_B16 -to sdCS
set_location_assignment PIN_C15 -to sdMISO
set_location_assignment PIN_A15 -to sdMOSI
set_instance_assignment -name WEAK_PULL_UP_RESISTOR ON -to sdMISO
set_location_assignment PIN_C16 -to sdSCLK
set_location_assignment PIN_E5 -to n_sRamCS
set_location_assignment PIN_A3 -to n_sRamOE
set_location_assignment PIN_B7 -to n_sRamWE
set_location_assignment PIN_D4 -to sramData[0]
set_location_assignment PIN_C6 -to sramData[1]
set_location_assignment PIN_B5 -to sramData[2]
set_location_assignment PIN_B6 -to sramData[3]
set_location_assignment PIN_A5 -to sramData[4]
set_location_assignment PIN_D6 -to sramData[5]
set_location_assignment PIN_E6 -to sramData[6]
set_location_assignment PIN_A2 -to sramData[7]
set_location_assignment PIN_B4 -to sramAddress[0]
set_location_assignment PIN_B3 -to sramAddress[1]
set_location_assignment PIN_D3 -to sramAddress[2]
set_location_assignment PIN_B1 -to sramAddress[3]
set_location_assignment PIN_D1 -to sramAddress[4]
set_location_assignment PIN_C2 -to sramAddress[5]
set_location_assignment PIN_F5 -to sramAddress[6]
set_location_assignment PIN_C3 -to sramAddress[7]
set_location_assignment PIN_A4 -to sramAddress[8]
set_location_assignment PIN_A6 -to sramAddress[9]
set_location_assignment PIN_A7 -to sramAddress[10]
set_location_assignment PIN_C8 -to sramAddress[11]
set_location_assignment PIN_C9 -to sramAddress[12]
set_location_assignment PIN_A8 -to sramAddress[13]
set_location_assignment PIN_A9 -to sramAddress[14]
set_location_assignment PIN_E8 -to sramAddress[15]
set_location_assignment PIN_B9 -to sramAddress[16]
set_location_assignment PIN_B8 -to sramAddress[17]
set_location_assignment PIN_D9 -to sramAddress[18]
set_location_assignment PIN_D8 -to sramAddress[19]
set_location_assignment PIN_T10 -to IO_PIN[3]
set_location_assignment PIN_R10 -to IO_PIN[4]
set_location_assignment PIN_T11 -to IO_PIN[5]
set_location_assignment PIN_R11 -to IO_PIN[6]
set_location_assignment PIN_T12 -to IO_PIN[7]
set_location_assignment PIN_R12 -to IO_PIN[8]
set_location_assignment PIN_M9 -to IO_PIN[9]
set_location_assignment PIN_N9 -to IO_PIN[10]
set_location_assignment PIN_P9 -to IO_PIN[11]
set_location_assignment PIN_M10 -to IO_PIN[12]
set_location_assignment PIN_N11 -to IO_PIN[13]
set_location_assignment PIN_P11 -to IO_PIN[14]
set_location_assignment PIN_T13 -to IO_PIN[15]
set_location_assignment PIN_R13 -to IO_PIN[16]
set_location_assignment PIN_T14 -to IO_PIN[17]
set_location_assignment PIN_T15 -to IO_PIN[18]
set_location_assignment PIN_M11 -to IO_PIN[19]
set_location_assignment PIN_N12 -to IO_PIN[20]
set_location_assignment PIN_N13 -to IO_PIN[21]
set_location_assignment PIN_R14 -to IO_PIN[22]
set_location_assignment PIN_P14 -to IO_PIN[23]
set_location_assignment PIN_N14 -to IO_PIN[24]
set_location_assignment PIN_R16 -to IO_PIN[25]
set_location_assignment PIN_P16 -to IO_PIN[26]
set_location_assignment PIN_N15 -to IO_PIN[27]
set_location_assignment PIN_N16 -to IO_PIN[28]
set_location_assignment PIN_M15 -to IO_PIN[29]
set_location_assignment PIN_M16 -to IO_PIN[30]
set_location_assignment PIN_L15 -to IO_PIN[31]
set_location_assignment PIN_L16 -to IO_PIN[32]
set_location_assignment PIN_M12 -to IO_PIN[33]
set_location_assignment PIN_P15 -to IO_PIN[34]
set_location_assignment PIN_L13 -to IO_PIN[35]
set_location_assignment PIN_L14 -to IO_PIN[36]
set_location_assignment PIN_K15 -to IO_PIN[37]
set_location_assignment PIN_K16 -to IO_PIN[38]
set_location_assignment PIN_J12 -to IO_PIN[39]
set_location_assignment PIN_K12 -to IO_PIN[40]
set_location_assignment PIN_J13 -to IO_PIN[41]
set_location_assignment PIN_J14 -to IO_PIN[42]
set_location_assignment PIN_J11 -to IO_PIN[43]
set_location_assignment PIN_K11 -to IO_PIN[44]
set_location_assignment PIN_F11 -to IO_PIN[45]
set_location_assignment PIN_G11 -to IO_PIN[46]
set_location_assignment PIN_F14 -to IO_PIN[47]
set_location_assignment PIN_F13 -to IO_PIN[48]
set_location_assignment PIN_P2 -to sdRamClk
set_location_assignment PIN_R1 -to sdRamClkEn
set_location_assignment PIN_M7 -to n_sdRamCas
set_location_assignment PIN_P8 -to n_sdRamCe
set_location_assignment PIN_M8 -to n_sdRamRas
set_location_assignment PIN_P6 -to n_sdRamWe
set_location_assignment PIN_R7 -to sdRamAddr[0]
set_location_assignment PIN_T7 -to sdRamAddr[1]
set_location_assignment PIN_R8 -to sdRamAddr[2]
set_location_assignment PIN_T8 -to sdRamAddr[3]
set_location_assignment PIN_R6 -to sdRamAddr[4]
set_location_assignment PIN_T5 -to sdRamAddr[5]
set_location_assignment PIN_R5 -to sdRamAddr[6]
set_location_assignment PIN_T4 -to sdRamAddr[7]
set_location_assignment PIN_R4 -to sdRamAddr[8]
set_location_assignment PIN_T3 -to sdRamAddr[9]
set_location_assignment PIN_T6 -to sdRamAddr[10]
set_location_assignment PIN_R3 -to sdRamAddr[11]
set_location_assignment PIN_T2 -to sdRamAddr[12]
set_location_assignment PIN_N8 -to sdRamAddr[13]
set_location_assignment PIN_L8 -to sdRamAddr[14]
set_location_assignment PIN_K5 -to sdRamData[0]
set_location_assignment PIN_L3 -to sdRamData[1]
set_location_assignment PIN_L4 -to sdRamData[2]
set_location_assignment PIN_K6 -to sdRamData[3]
set_location_assignment PIN_N3 -to sdRamData[4]
set_location_assignment PIN_M6 -to sdRamData[5]
set_location_assignment PIN_P3 -to sdRamData[6]
set_location_assignment PIN_N5 -to sdRamData[7]
set_location_assignment PIN_N2 -to sdRamData[8]
set_location_assignment PIN_N1 -to sdRamData[9]
set_location_assignment PIN_L1 -to sdRamData[10]
set_location_assignment PIN_L2 -to sdRamData[11]
set_location_assignment PIN_K1 -to sdRamData[12]
set_location_assignment PIN_K2 -to sdRamData[13]
set_location_assignment PIN_J1 -to sdRamData[14]
set_location_assignment PIN_J2 -to sdRamData[15]