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Raspberry Pi GPIO Card



  • Raspberry Pi add-on card
    • Works with any Pi model
  • 17 GPIO lines
    • GVS (Ground, Voltage, Signal) connector for every GPIO pin
  • 3.3V operation
  • Fuse Protected 3.3V power
  • Card sits within Raspberry Pi footprint
    • Mounts above Raspberry Pi card


  • G, V, S rows are marked on the board


  1. Ground
  2. 3.3V
  3. Signal

Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)


FAT requires the following:

  • Raspberry Pi (RasPi)
  • Power supply for Raspberry Pi (5V at 1 Amp min) with Micro USB connector
  • Monitor, Keyboard or Ethernet cable and laptop running puTTY
  • Test Software loaded onto RasPi
  • (1) LED-Test-2 card
  • 1 LED with series resistor
  • Jumpers (female-to-female)
  • Unit Under Test (UUT)
  • RPIO-TINY-3-5725-WIRED-640px.jpg


  • Install UUT onto RasPi
  • Install Cables
  • Power up card
  • Log into RasPi

GVS Connector - LED Blink Tests

cd ~/RasPi/RPIO-TINY-3
sudo python blinkLEDs-RPIO-TINY-3.py
  • All 17 LEDs should light one at a time