RPP-UIO-16 Rev X2 Assembly Sheet

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Parts List[edit]

Qty Value RefDes Qty Value RefDes
5 Cap, 0.1uF (0805) C1-C5 1 Terminal Block, 5mm P1
2 Polyfuse, 1A (1206) F1,F2 33 Header, Pin, 1x3 (and 2x3) J4-J9,J12-J21,J25-J32,J34-J41
1 1K (0805) R3 1 Header, Pin, 1x4 J1/J2
2 3.9K (0805) R1,R2 1 Header, Pin, 1x6 J10/J11
1 24C32F U1 2 Header, Pin, 1x8 J23,J33
2 TXB0108 U2,U3 1 Conn, Female, 2x20 J24
2 Header, Pin 1x2 P2,J22