Re:Load2 DC Load

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Re:load 2 by Arachnid Labs

ReLoad2 P652-800px.jpg

Key features[edit]

  • Operates from 3.3 to 40 volts
    • My build has 9V power input due to Volts/amps displays
    • Board itself can be powered by the device under test.
  • Consumes from 0 to 3 amps, adjustable through a potentiometer.
  • Dissipates up to 12 watts at room temperature.
    • Heat sink gets very hot at 5W
  • Virtually indestructible!
  • Test points for measuring the current being consumed with a voltmeter.
  • Optional external power mode allows you to use Re:load down to 0v.
  • Binding posts for banana jacks and loose wires or crocodile clips.
  • Configurable potentiometer direction allows you to mount the potentiometer on either side for flexible enclosure options.