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VFO-001 P132-720px.jpg




  • PWR* - connect only when no Mini-360 Buck Regulator is used
  • PD01 - Power Distribution card (not shown)


  • BNC/Power Jack placement

VFO-001-Nibbler-BNCs Placement-720px.jpg

  • Rear panel BNCs and power jack

VFO-001-Rear Panel-720px.jpg

  • Drill holes and nibble out for OLED cutout
    • A bit rough
    • Better to undercut nibble and file to size


  • OLED fitted


  • Final

VFO-001 P132-720px.jpg

Libraries/Example Code[edit]

Land Boards Code[edit]

VFO Menu[edit]

  • Set Step Size
    • 1Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz, 100 KHz, 1 MHz, 10 MHz
  • Set frequency
    • 10 MHz to 40 MHz in step size steps
  • Select VFO
    • VFO0, VFO1, VFO2
  • VFO On/Off
    • On, Off
  • Drive Level
    • 2 mA, 4 mA, 6 mA, 8 mA
  • Set Calibration Value
    • In step size steps (down to 1 Hz)
  • Save [power-on] defaults

Libraries used in this app[edit]

Other Si5351 Libraries[edit]

Calbration Using WWV[edit]

  • Good method that doesn't require a frequency counter
  • Tune via ear and S meter
  • Requires shortwave (or ham) receiver that can receive 5/10/15 MHz
  • Rough tune calibration factor on scope or frequency counter
  • Fine tune to 1 Hz using WWV
  • 15 MHz WWV midday has better resolution