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  • Name: EBC-A05 + Battery Capacity Tester
  • Power supply module: DC12V, current above 3.5A
  • Discharge power: 60W
  • Voltage setting
    • 0.00-30.00V
    • Minimum step 0.01V (the highest voltage is 10V when charging)
  • Current setting
  • Discharge: 0.050-5.000A
    • Minimum step 0.01A
    • The current is automatically limited when the power exceeds the limit
  • Charging:
    • 0.050-3.000A, minimum step 0.01
    • The maximum current is the power supply current -0.5A

Discharge mode[edit]

  • DSC-CC (constant current discharge): constant discharge current, used to test battery capacity or power supply current
  • DSC-CP (constant power): constant discharge power, used to simulate constant power equipment or test power supply

Charging mode[edit]

  • Standard Charging: Supports NiMH, NiCd, Lithium Battery, Lead Acid
  • CHG-CV (constant voltage charging): custom constant current and constant voltage charging (for batteries only)

Measurement mode[edit]

  • METER (Voltage and Ammeter): Measure voltage and current function
  • Automatic charge and discharge: supports automatic "charge-discharge-charge" mode to test battery capacity

Voltage measurement[edit]

  • 0.000-4.500V (low voltage), accurate to 0.003V, error + -0.5%
  • 4.50V-30.00V (high voltage), accurate to 0.01V, error + -0.5%

Current measurement[edit]

  • 0.01A-5.000A, accurate to 0.005A, error + -0.5%

Capacity measurement[edit]

  • Within 10Ah, resolution 0.001Ah
  • 10Ah-100Ah, resolution 0.01Ah
  • Above 100Ah, resolution 0.1Ah

Wiring method[edit]

  • Four-wire detection, voltage measurement and current channel are connected separately to ensure measurement accuracy


  • LCD display: voltage, current, capacity, time, power, energy and other test data
  • Computer connection
    • Dedicated USB to TTL serial cable (MiniUSB port, not ordinary USB cable)
    • Computer control, drawing curves, calibrating measurement benchmarks, upgrading equipment firmware, cycling charging, etc.

Physical Packing size: 25 * 24 * 15cm[edit]

  • Weight: 1.1KG