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File:DS18S20-LDR Rev X1 Board



The DS18S20-LDR board combines the One-Wire Temperature Sensor and Light Dependent Resistor Sensor boards into a single board. The board is designed to be used in the Fan Controller as a single card sensor solution.

The connector and SMT resistors mount on one side of the card and the LDR and DS18S20 mounts on the other side of the card.

P1 Connector[edit]

The DS18S20-LDR board has a single connector (P1). The connector is a GVS+S connector. The pinout of the connector is:

  1. Ground
  2. Vcc +5V
  3. 1-Wire - temperature
  4. LDR output



Design Files[edit]

Board Design Files on GitHub

Mounting Bracket[edit]

A custom plastic mounting bracket was created that can be printed on a 3D printer. The bracket has two mounting holes which are used to mount the bracket behind a metal plate light switch. The sensors stick through the rectangular hole at the center of the light switch and the board mounts to the bracket using the holes on the sides of the light switch hole. SingleLightSwitch.png

Bracket Design Files[edit]

Bracket Design Files on GitHub