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  • 32 LEDs
  • 95mm wide (ODAS width) - 55mm depth matches other ODAS cards ODAS-PSOC5 (Rev X3 or higher), DIGIO32-I2C, etc
  • 6-32 mounting holes
  • 0.1" pitch connector, 2x20 pins, Connector could be mounted to the front or rear of the card
  • (8) Ground pins (common ground)
  • 3mm LEDs

Series resistor - let us know what value you want[edit]

  • Series Resistor Values
  • Pick a series resistor value assuming the LED forward voltage is about 2V.
  • Operating with 3.3V will require a smaller resistance than operating at 5V for the same current.
  • Standard series resistor values we carry are: 120, 150, 200, 220, 240, 270, 330, 470, 560, and 1K.
  • For 5V operation and not too bright LED (comfortable value for front panels) we use 560 ohms.
  • With 3V across 560 ohms that's only 5 mA (for 560 ohm resistor). For something with a lot of LEDs if they are too bright it can get annoying.

Assembly Sheet[edit]