Front Panel For 8 Bit Computers

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Front Panel for 8-Bit Microprocessors[edit]



It has these features. They may not fit your generic design. Especially since this card has to have an I2C interface.

  • I2C interface (Two Wire interface - plus power and ground)
  • Occupy I2C addresses either 0x20-0x23 or 0x24-0x27
  • Jumper selectable base address
  • Jumper Selectable I2C terminators
  • I2C daisy-chain connector
  • 4 MCP23017 16-bit I2C Port Expanders
  • These are fine pitch surface mount parts
  • 32 Pushbutton Switches
  • 32 LEDs



  • I2C parts are standard MCP23017 drivers which are supported in Arduino and most microprocessors
  • PSoC driver GitHub Repo