Colpitts XTAL Oscillator Rev 1 Assembly Sheet

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Colpitts XTAL Osc-CAD.PNG


Qty Value RefDes Qty Value RefDes
1 0.1uF (0805) C4 1 Header, 1x6 J2
1 10nF (0805) C3 1 DC Jack J3
2 470pF (0805) C1,C2 1 SMA (opt) P1
2 2N3904 Q1,Q2 1 BNC (opt) J1
2 10K (0805) R1,R2
3 1K (0805) R3-R5 1 UUT Y1
1 47 (0805) R6


Rework-rev1 Marks.png

  • Cut etch R2 to C2
  • Cut etch R3 t J2-1
  • Cut etch J2-1 to (marked Q2) Emitter pin
  • Add wire front side of PCB from R1 (to R2 side) to C1 (towards BNC side
  • Add wire rear side of PCB from J2-1 to (marked Q2) Base pin
  • Add wire front side of PCB C1 (to R3 side) to (marked Q2) Emitter pin