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  • DB-25 pin connector
    • Male or Female
  • 26 pin ribbon connector
    • Right Angle


Card can have a DB-25 male or female connector

Pinout looking into a Female Connector

DB25 F.png

Pinout looking into a Male Connector

DB25 M.png

26-pin Ribbon Connector

  • Pin 26 is a key (removed) pin on the connector
  • Wiring is 1:1 (pin 1 to pin 1) if the DB-25 connector is a Male
  • Wiring is reversed (pin 1 of DB goes to pin 25 of ribbon) if the DB-25 connector is a Female


  • Pin numbers of the connections depend upon the gender of the DB-25 connector
  • Board has silkscreen area to mark the pin numbers (based on gender)

Female DB-25 Card Marking

DB25RIBBON-OSH-CAD-X1 - Female Marking.png

Male DB-25 Card Marking

DB25RIBBON-OSH-CAD-X1 - Male Marking.png