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Description of the Design

Purpose is to have 1-Wire Temperature sensors which can be cheaply and easily deployed. DS18S20 sensors can be purchased for between $5 [1] from mouser) and $1.5 [2]

This board is small but powerful since all a 1-wire part needs to operate is a single wire (plus a ground).

The devices can be daisy-chained together (actually they are connected in parallel). The first device in a 1-Wire chain needs to have a 4.7K pullup to +5V and this card provides for that option.




  • Pair of connectors provided for chaining together 1-wire sensors. That way the cabling can be simple.
  • Pinout matches the GVS (Ground, +V, Sensor) order of Arduino Sensor shields but for most uses only the G and S are needed.
  • For the first device in a chain, J1 should be left open, R1 should be installed and power brought into the card on the V pin.
  • For devices other than the first device in the chain, J1 connector should be jumpered across. 

Parts List

Desc Qty Footprint RefDes Mfg MfgPN Vendor VendorPN
4.7K 1 R4 R1 Xicon 291-4.7K-RC Mouser 291-4.7K-RC
CONN_1 2 MTG-4-40 MTG1, MTG2 N/A N/A N/A N/A
CONN_2 1 PIN_ARRAY_2X1 J1 FCI 68002-102HLF Mouser 649-68002-103HLF
CONN_3 2 PIN_ARRAY_3X1 J2, J3 FCI 68002-103HLF Mouser 649-68002-103HLF
DS18S20+ 1 TO92-123 U1 Maxim DS18S20 + Mouser 700-DS18S20

Mounting Hole

A single 4-40 mounting hole is provided to allow the card to be zip-tied into the location to be monitored. For permanent installation, the single point can be screwed down with a standoff.