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JOYPAD Rev2 P18578-720pxV.jpg


  • 8 Pushbutton Switches
    • Up/Down/Left/Right/Center fire/3 others
  • Two build options
    • Build as 5 button Atari Joystick compatible pad
      • DB-9 female
    • Build as 8 button pad
      • 12 pin 0.1" pitch header, right angle, mounts on bottom of board
  • 49x49mm card
  • 4-40 mounting holes



J1 - 12-Pin connector[edit]


  • Right angle header on rear of card
  • Can use 1x10 header
    • Ignore pins 1, 12

JoyPad DB-9 REV2 REAR Header-3D.png

J2 - DB-9 connector[edit]


  • Built as an Atari JoyStick with DB-9 Female mounted below board
  • Rev 1 board requires jumper wire

JOYPAD P18502-720pxV.jpg

DB-9 (Rev 2)[edit]

JOYPAD Rev2 P18578-720pxV.jpg

Application Examples[edit]

Rev 2 JOYPAD as 5 Button "Atari" style[edit]

  • PicoVGA01 card with Rev 2 JOYPAD
    • JOYPAD configured as Atari Joystick
  • Can be extended with Male-to-Female DB-9 1:1 cable
  • PicoVGA01 and JOYPAD with 4-40 standoffs

PicoVGA01 JOYPAD-Rev2 P18581-720px.jpg

Rev 1 JOYPAD as 5 Button Atari Joystick[edit]

  • PicoVGA01 card with Rev 1 JOYPAD
    • JOYPAD configured as Atari Joystick
  • Male-to-Female DB-9 1:1 cable

PicoVGA JOYPAD P18499-720px.jpg

Rev 1 JOYPAD with Ribbon Connector[edit]



Rev 3[edit]

  • Add connection to Upper left button pin 7
    • MSX joystick compatible
  • Add wire to Rev 2 board
    • J1-10 to DB-9 pin 7

Rev 2[edit]

  • Change soldermask color to Black
  • Moved DB-9 fire (pin 6) from Upper Right button to Fire button
  • Changed to DB-9 Female with top mount

JoyPad DB-9 REV2 FRONT.png

  • Moved pullup resistors to the rear of the card in center of pushbutton footprints
  • Shown with header for ribbon cable

JoyPad DB-9 REV2 REAR Header-3D.png

Rev 1[edit]

  • Works as-is

Assembly Sheet[edit]