PDP-8 Front Panel Assembly Sheet

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PDP-8 Front Back.png

Parts List

Qty Value RefDes Qty Value RefDes
19 LED, 5mm, Orange

(Note 1)

D1-D19 1 Header, Rt Angle, 0.1", 2x25 J1
19 Res, 1K, 1/4W

(Note 2)

R1-R19 7 Switch, Pushbutton, 6mm

(Note 3)

21 Res, 10K, 1/4W R20-R41 14 Slide Switch, SS12D00G3
(NOTE 4)


  1. Select LED color. I used orange clear LEDS but orange diffused body LEDs are better since clear LEDs reflect background light.
  2. LED ballast resistor. I used 1K because modern LEDs are really efficient and can get uncomfortably bright with higher current. Vcc is 3.3V, Orange LED drops ~1.8V. Leaves 1.4V across resistor. Equals 1.4 mA with 1K resistor.
  3. Pick whatever height button you like. I used 9mm tall which is pretty tall but it's what I had sitting around.
  4. 0.1" pins. Select either SS12D00G3 3 pin slide switch or 3 pin headers.

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