PS2X49 Rev 3 Assembly Sheet

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CCA PS2X49 Front Back Rev3 bw.png

Parts List[edit]

  • 3.3V host and 5V keyboard/mouse
    • Install U1
    • Do not install R1-R4
  • 5V host (and 5V keyboard/mouse)
    • Do not install U1
    • Install R1-R4 (0 ohms or higher)
  • R5-R8 are pull-ups to 5V
    • Not needed when U1 is used
Qty Value RefDes Qty Value RefDes
1 0.1uF (0805) C2 2 Conn, Mini-DIN-6 (Blue/Purple) J1,J2
1 10uF (1206) C1 1 Conn, Rt ang, 2x5 J3
4 10K R5-R8
4 0 R1-R4
1 TXS0104EDR U1