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  • Console port lets you talk to your Raspberry Pi over USB without a keyboard/mouse/monitor or Ethernet connection.
    • 115200 baud
  • USB Micro-B connector
  • Real FTDi FT230XS
  • Jumper selectable - power the Pi from your computer's USB port.
    • Some nwere Pi cards may take too much power
  • Transmit/receive LEDs
  • 26-pin connector works with Model A and Model B Pis


Extended 26-pin Connector



Extended 40-pin Connector



Low profile 26-pin Connector



Windows Driver setup

Prototype Qualification Tests

Qualification Testing

Factory Acceptance Tests

Procedure to test RPI-Console-U card

GVSDuino wired to custom board


  • Custom RASPI-PLUS-GVS-CFG Test card to GVSDuino card wiring
    • Wire V5-1 header pin S (pin 3) to GVSDuino GVS pin D3 SIG (TX)
    • Wire V5-2 header pin S (pin 3) to GVSDuino GVS pin D2 SIG (RX)
    • Wire V5-1 header pin GND (pin 1) to GVSDuino GVS pin D2 GND
    • Wire V5-2 header pin GND (pin 1) to GVSDuino GVS pin D3 GND
    • Wire V5-1 header pin +5V (pin 2) to GVSDuino GVS pin D2 +5V power
    • Wire V5-2 header pin +5V (pin 2) to GVSDuino GVS pin D3 +5V power
  • GVS-Switch to GVSDuino wiring

Test Software

  • Push button to reset on GVSDuino to send out canned message
  • Poll for receive character
    • When character is received, echo back character
  • Loop forever
  • Code on GitHub
    • Uses Software Serial to add a second UART to the GVSDuino
    • Test pattern code
  mySerial.println("The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog");
  mySerial.println("Hit keys to test");

Test Procedure

  • Test setup as above
  • Test setup powered down
  • Install UUT (RPI-Console-U card being tested)
  • Connect USB Micro cable from Test Computer to UUT
  • Boards should power up
  • Look in Device manager to make sure COM port was added
  • Run putty on Test Computer
    • Select COM port in putty
    • 9600, n, 8, 1
    • No handshake
  • Hit reset on GVS-Switch card on 830 point breadboard
  • Verify the message comes back
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
Hit keys to test
  • Type and verify that the character comes back
  • Disconnect USB to RPI-Console

Custom wired RASPI-PLUS-GVS-CFG bare board


  • Card is connected to act as a Raspberry Pi emulator
    • Install 20x2 male header going up on board to board connector at top of the board
    • Install the TXS0108EWPR 3.3V<>5V Voltage Translator at U2
    • Install F1 (5V fuse)
    • Install 3.3V regulator at C2 position



  • Wire the Vreg
    • VReg pin 1 goes to ground side of C2
    • VReg pin 2 goes to +3.3V side of C2
    • Jumper tab to VReg pin 2
    • Wire VReg pin 3 to V5-8 pin 2 (+5V)
  • Add 47 uF cap from IO16-2 (+5V) and IO16-1 (GND)
  • Install 330 Ohm resistor at R4
  • Install 3mm LED at W jumper (J22-1 to J22-2) position (Cathode of LED to pin 1 of J22)
  • Add wire from UART connector pin 3 to V3-1 pin (TXD on CFG card) (Serial out from Pi)
  • Add wire from UART connector pin 4 to V3-2 pin (RXD on CFG card) (Serial in to Pi)
  • Install 2x3 header at V5-1/V5-2 position
    • V5-1 (pin 1 = GND, pin 2 = +5V, pin 3 = TxD - Serial out from the Arduino)
    • V5-2 (pin 1 = GND, pin 2 = +5V, pin 3 = RxD - Serial in to the Arduino)


External links

Rev X3 (vs X2)

  • Moved "Power Pi from USB" connector to center of card
  • Rev X2 (vs X1)
  • Moved connector slightly closer to the edge
  • Made USB connector PWB pads longer
  • Adds ID resistor pads to USB pin
    • Not populated

Rev X1 Checkout

  • Micro USB mounting holes fit well
  • Connector could be slightly farther to the edge
  • USB connector PWB pads were too short - trimmed pins to fit
  • Ordered 3 more from OshPark new X2 rev

Assembly Sheet