Z80 in 3 Chips

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Z80 P865-cropped-720px.jpg

  • Z80
  • PSoC5LP
  • 512KB SRAM
  • Optional MCP23017 16-bit port expander
    • I2C Addresses 0x24
  • Optional Front Panel
    • I2C Addresses 0x20-0x23
  • SPI interface for SDHC card

Front Panel and SD Card Adapter[edit]

Z80 PSOC P936-CROPPED-720PX.jpg


H1 I2C Interface[edit]

Conn H1.PNG

H2 ISP Download[edit]

Conn H2.PNG

H3- SD Card[edit]

Conn H3.PNG

H4 - I/O[edit]

Conn H4.PNG

J1 - USB B[edit]

J2, J3 - I/O Ports[edit]

Conn J2 J3.PNG

J4 - Audio Out[edit]

Conn J4.PNG

J5 - Z80 Signals[edit]

Conn J5.PNG


Hackaday Page[edit]


Assembly Sheet[edit]